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How to Choose High-Quality Masks

  Girls like to use masks for skin care, because air and environment pollution is isolated from the face temporarily for a while when the face is covered with mask, thus ensuring better nutrition absorption of the skin. As for the masks, we need to choose a good one suitable for ourselves. Here are some tips for you to choose masks.

  1. Pay attention to mask substrate and essence content

  Generally, if the essence drips when mask is taken out, that means the essence of this mask is enough. High-quality mask can firmly adsorb and lock the maximum dosage of nutrients. Thicker mask ensures "not thin” nutrients, and when applied to the face, can increase the skin temperature and stimulate circulation for better diffusion of penetrative nutrients. This thermal effect will soften stratum corneum and expand pores to purify your pores.

  2.Check the label content on the packaging boxes

  The label content should include the product name, the name and address of the manufacturer, net content (net capacity), production date and shelf life or production batch number and expiry date, manufacturer’s hygiene license number and product standard number. Some sellers may sell masks nearly expires masks intentionally or already expired masks unintentionally, so the buyers should pay attention to all content of the label before buying, so as to prevent the application of inferior masks and the harm to the face skin.

  3.Choose products with fragrance you prefer, but the fragrance-free products are the best.

  The fragrance should be pure, elegant and free of bad or strong smell. The product should have fine and even texture, natural color, delicate foams, easy washing and comfortable feel after use, leaving a layer of thin skin membrane on the skin without causing degreasing, and acting mild to the skin without causing irritation and sensitization.

  4.Choose products fit your skin type

  Dry skin needs moisturizing masks, while oily skin needs masks with good cleaning performance. It can't afford to neglect that selecting skin care products according to the skin types is to prevent allergy or over-nutrition appearing during the use of products.

  5.Read the instructions on the packages before application

  Read carefully the precautions on the packages, such as inadvisable use in sensitive or damaged skins, suitable skin types. Many people have sensitive skins, and unsuitable masks may causes allergy. So, before using the product, you shall read the instructions on the packages carefully. To sum up, you should choose a mild product that does not cause irritation.