Sanjiang Enterprise

Quality control

Raw material control
We use cellulose fibrous raw materials from well-known manufacturers such as Lenzing and Sinopec, and conduct inspections on each batch of raw materials.
Traceable production process
The detailed production records for each roll of cloth are well kept, and the ERP system can track back to when, where and who use what raw materials.
Professional QC laboratory
Each production line is managed by a full-time quality controller who will conduct strict inspections on each batch of products in accordance with the industry standards on basic physical indexes, whiteness, microbial content, etc.
Production environment control
The plant environment is controlled in strict accordance with the hygienic material management standard, and the entrance of closed workshop is equipped with a shower system.
ISRA online dual-side defect detection
Advanced ISRA online dual-side defect detection equipment made in Germany is introduced to impose strict control on product defects.
Authoritative third-party inspections
The main products of the company are regularly sent to SGS, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Shanghai Fiber Research Institute for inspections, and the inspection results show that such products have no harmful ingredient and that the 7-day anti-mite rate of Microlon superfine fiber products reaches 100%.